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Jilimc mini scissor lift features
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2020-04-03 11:18
Jilimc mini scissor lift features 1, mini in size, length does not exceed 1.4m, the weight is less than 900kg, flexible operation can be free to enter the passenger ladder.
Manual ladder type aerial work platform
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2020-04-02 10:37
Manual ladder type aerial work platform 1、The GTWY-3S single mast aerial work platform is a lifting platform that requires no power source and single operation.
Lifting safety technical operation procedures

Lifting safety technical operation procedures

2019/05/30 14:45
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The lifting command should be performed by a person who is skilled and knows the performance of the lifting machine.

First, the general requirements

1. The lifting command should be performed by a person who is skilled and knows the performance of the lifting machine. When commanding, you should stand at a place where you can take care of the overall work. The signals sent should be unified in advance and be accurate, grand and clear.

2. Equipment and components of more than 80 tons should be suspended when the wind reaches the fifth level. Article 514 All personnel are strictly prohibited from staying or walking under the lifting arms and lifting weights.

3, the use of the snap ring should be forced to the length direction, the draw ring should prevent the pin slip, and the defective snap ring is strictly prohibited.

4. The lifting wire should be made of cross-twisted wire rope (see Table 1 for safety factor). If the steel wire rope has abnormal phenomena such as kinking, deformation, broken wire, rust, etc., the use standard or scrap should be reduced in time (see Table 2 below).

Wire rope safety factor table 1

Use of wire rope Safety factor

Cable wind rope cable crane load-bearing rope manual lifting equipment motorized lifting equipment for slings without bending for binding slings for manned lifts 3.53.754.5


5, the knot rope buckle (thousands) should make each strand elastic and consistent, the length of the braided part should not be less than 15 times the diameter of the wire rope, and should not be shorter than 300 mm. When using a clip to form a rope, the number of clips must not be less than three.

6. The ground anchor (pile) should be connected to the specifications and location settings determined by the construction plan. If there are any pits or underground pipelines, the construction person in charge should be reported in time to take measures.

7. When using a rope card, place the pressure plate on the long side. Its scope of application should comply with the regulations

8. When using two or more rope buckles for lifting, if the angle between the rope buckles is greater than 100 degrees, measures such as preventing slip hooks should be taken.

9. When lifting with four rope buckles, adjust the tightness by adding iron poles between the rope buckles.

10. The use of the open block must be fastened. Persons are prohibited from crossing the wire rope and staying where the wire rope may hit.

11. For lifting objects, the rope should be set reasonably.



Second, lifting mast

1. Assemble the mast to apply the burr to the hole. Use a fixed wrench to tighten and remove the screws at high altitude. If using a spanner wrench, wear a seat belt.

2, bundle steering block or fixed block, the number of bundles should not be more, and must be arranged neatly and evenly. The binding block should have anti-slip measures, but the lifting block with heavy weight should be used.

3. The cable wind should be arranged reasonably and tightly. The cable wind is connected with the top of the mast application snap ring; after the cable wind is connected with the ground anchor, the rope is rolled.

4. When the cable wind crosses the road, the height of the overhead should be no less than 7 meters.

5. There should be a reliable safety distance between the cable wind and the high voltage line. If you need to cross the high-voltage line, you should take safety measures such as power failure, grounding, and protection.

6. There should be 5 cable wind ropes for fixed masts, and no less than 8 winds for mobile masts. It is forbidden to set up multiple layers of cable phoenix.

7. The inclination of the mast movement should not exceed 1/5 of the mast height when moving by the intermittent method; when moving by the continuous method, it should be 1/20 to 1/15 of the mast height. Adjacent cable winds are staggered.



Third, structural lifting

1. The special rack for the application of the easy-to-return components should be placed and stabilized after unloading, and the support is firm.

2. When lifting the roof truss from the inside to the outside, it should be hooked to fit the lowering arm; when lifting the board from the outside to the inside, the arm should be lifted first to match the hook.

3, the roof truss in place should be placed on the road or square wood, the diagonal support on both sides is generally not less than three. Do not lean against the column.

4. When using the draw ring retaining member, the main body of the snap ring and the pin must be fastened to the rope buckle, and the rope buckle should be tightened. Do not pull the pin under the snap ring.

5, lead the column into the mouth of the cup, the crowbar should be rumbling. The wedge of the temporary fixing column needs two on each side, and the hook should be tightened before the hook.

6, the cable-free wind correction column should be accompanied by the school. However, if the eccentricity is large and slender, and the depth of the cup is less than 1/20 or less than 60 cm of the length of the column, no cable wind correction is prohibited.

7. It is forbidden to lift the object on the plate-shaped member. ˉ Article 538 hoisting components that are not easy to stabilize, apply the snap ring, and do not use hooks.



Fourth, equipment lifting

1. The tripod of the tripod (three wooden towers) should be relatively fixed, and the reverse chain should be hung in the middle. When moving, it should be prevented from falling.

2. Equipment with high center of gravity, eccentricity or easy rolling, etc., should be put on hold reasonably and take firm measures.

3. Loading the car by jacking method, the joist should have sufficient length and strength. The jacking speed should be consistent, and the front and back should be staggered, and the height difference should not be too large.

4. When loading and unloading with the rolling method, the slope of the raceway shall not be greater than 20 degrees, the erection of the raceway shall be flat and solid, and the joints shall be staggered. The speed of rolling should not be too fast, and a rope should be provided if necessary. Apply a sleeper mat under the body of the raceway.

5. Use the pipe (roller bar) to haul the equipment. The thickness of the pipe should be so long that its length should be 50 cm longer than the width of the pallet. Fill the pipe, the thumb should be placed on the upper surface of the pipe, and the other four fingers should be inside the pipe. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves and grab the pipe.

6. When lifting by rotation, the center line, mast and foundation center of the equipment should be in the same plane. When using multiple main cable winds, there should be means to adjust the force. There should be braking in the opposite direction of the block.

7. When using the herringbone mast to lift the board, the angle between the legs of the mast should be no more than 45 degrees, and the direction of the force should be in the middle of the legs. The height of the mast should be 1/2.5 to 1/2 of the length of the device. The mast legs and equipment hinges should be placed together.

8. Sliding method hoisting should comply with the following items:

  (1). When two masts or four masts are hoisted, the forward or backward tilt of the mast should be the same, and the same type of same speed winch is used.

  (2). When the diameter of the equipment is more than 3 meters, two sets of ropes shall be provided. There shall be balance wheel adjustment to make the pulleys force the same; when the equipment diameter is 3 meters, a set of ropes may be provided, but the equipment center line, the rope and the foundation center Should be on the same line.

(3). The block of the rope skip should have measures to prevent twisting.

(4). When the load of the single-legged mast is tilted, the winch wind is applied and the cable wind is evenly stressed.