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Jilimc mini scissor lift features
Release time:
2020-04-03 11:18
Jilimc mini scissor lift features 1, mini in size, length does not exceed 1.4m, the weight is less than 900kg, flexible operation can be free to enter the passenger ladder.
Manual ladder type aerial work platform
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2020-04-02 10:37
Manual ladder type aerial work platform 1、The GTWY-3S single mast aerial work platform is a lifting platform that requires no power source and single operation.
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Zhuhai Extreme Aerial Working Equipment Co., Ltd., LTD., founded in 1995, is specializing in the production of aluminum alloy scaffolding and aluminium alloy domestic hydraulic lift platform of aerial work equipment companies. Company sets product design, development, production, sales, engineering, installation services, is committed to providing customers with the perfect solution for aerial work platform.


More than a decade, the company have been studied to explore the latest science and technology as the core, continuous innovation, product stand out in the same industry. In 2005 by China construction machinery industry association, as a member unit. In 2010 to undertake the 16th guangzhou Asian games closing ceremony lift stage design installation work, made a huge contribution to the Asian games successfully held.


Company has the abundant technical strength, rich experience in research and development and engineering experience, high-quality management team and professional technical personnel, the company products in the appearance, internal structure and service life has reached the international advanced level. Stay ahead in the domestic industry. Enterprise products has won the special equipment manufacturing license, and through ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification, CE, GS certification, etc. A number of international certification. Product by the national quality technology supervision and inspection center, product quality assurance by the "China ping an insurance company accept insurance.


The products of the company according to "the People's Republic of China machinery industry standard" manufacturing. High quality products is the fundamental enterprise development, and at the same time of strictly the quality pass, every component of the product is selected from outstanding enterprises at home and abroad, also can be used according to the customer request custom parts. Only by constantly improve the product quality and meet the requirements of customers, the enterprise also to development.


The company's main products include: aluminum alloy scaffolding series (gantry scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding, disc type scaffold, mobile scaffold, etc.); Series hydraulic lifting platform (single mast column, dual mast column, hydraulic lift more than the mast, stationary hydraulic lift platform, manual hydraulic lift flat wagon, shear fork type hydraulic lift platform, mobile material elevators, etc.).


Its product applications cover the major areas, such as sports venues, airports, docks, warehouse, railway transportation, civil aviation transportation, the command center, stage shows, radio and television, public media, exhibition center, advertising, etc. Across the country set up branches and offices, and success will be marketing network extends to the overseas market. Products are exported to Europe and the United States, the Middle East and southeast Asia and other countries and regions, the domestic market all over the country, with hundreds of dealers, now have a perfect sales and after-sales service network.